• 20 x 35 ft Live Tracking Room with 15ft Ceiling, Great Drum Sounds, Vaulted Isolation Booth. 
  • 1926 Opera House 50 ft Ceilings, 60 ft Fly Grid, Cavernous Space for Tracking. 200-seat Intimate Smaller Theatre Available for Recording Live Shows. (on request)

  • Original 1926 Wurlitzer Mechanical Silent Movie Organ Located above the Theatre's Proscenium.

  • "Acting Studio 1": Studio Control Room with Natural Light and Views of Broadway, a Comfortable Space for Listening to Full Band Projects.

  • Electroacoustic Hi-Fi Zen Listening Room - Clarity, Detail, and Transparency for the Audiophile's Playback. 

  • 40" Mother Tesla Gong, Chickering Grand Piano.

  • Over Fifty Nine Species of Plant Life.

  • Puddle, studio cat and consultant.

  • House Engineers, beacons of Friendliness and Know-how: Andrew Nault, Brian Webb.