Eyeland Studio has many features that you can't find in a typical musician's home studio, or even in more expensive pro studios.

The opera house is full of acoustic environments to explore, from the cavernous main room, to a smaller intimate seated theatre, to the cement basement dressing rooms, and long empty ghost-filled hallways.

Ben and Jeff of Low Anthem, along with studio partner, Brian Webb, have assembled a collection of recording gear over a decade of making professional albums, and designed and built the studio from scratch to be able to record in any space within the theatre. Our sister organization, the Columbus Cooperative, puts on 150 shows a year here, bringing quality bands to Providence with an independent philosophy. 



There's a large DIY community surrounding the theatre--ready to lend a mic, help cut a track, make a communal dinner, or fix a piece of broken gear---and shows happening all over town to see. 

The live tracking room has high ceilings, natural light, great views, and an isolation room. Good, affordable restaurants and coffeeshops are everywhere to be found on Broadway.

Eyeland Studio is setup for both conventional time-sensitive recording, or extended rentals for a songwriter, band, or producer/engineer to stay in residence. 

If you're an engineer renting, we have a tech engineer on-call. Write to us from the contact page to let us know what you're thinking!  


Friends who have recorded here and helped shape this philosophy: Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band, Xylouris/White, Barr Brothers, Christopher Paul Stelling, Last Good Tooth, Mother Falcon, Ben Sollee, And The Kids, Low Anthem, Brown Bird, Roz Raskin and the Ricecakes, Vudu Sister, Pixels, XR Tabs, Dan Blakeslee, Avi Salloway, John Faraone, The Quahogs, Smith & Weeden, Roses, Joe Fletcher, Tallahassee, Eye Witness, Sean Kennedy, The Horse-Eyed Men, Food Court, SnakeWagon.